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    Managed Print Services Connect (Jul 14 2011)


      SINGAPORE, July 14, 2011 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., a market leader in Managed Print Services (MPS), today announced the launch of Enterprise Print Services: an end-to-end enterprise document management outsourcing service.  It is designed to help companies enhance enterprise-wide work efficiencies and better manage documents across their global print infrastructure – from the office to the in-house print centre to remote/mobile printing.  The service is available in the Asia-Pacific region from July onwards.


      Beyond managing the office print environment addressed by MPS, Enterprise Print Services includes remote and mobile printing, as well as the management of centralised print centres.  It also extends to mailrooms and the designing of documents.  Augmenting the existing MPS offering, Fuji Xerox Enterprise Print Services empowers companies with a holistic view of their worldwide print operations as well as internal and external print-related spend.  With the new service, organisations can reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) across the enterprise print infrastructure and improve their business processes. They can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions for all print related activities and minimise risks to business continuity.


      “Companies are often unaware of the total costs of internal and external printing beyond the office environment,” said Masaki Okano, president of Fuji Xerox Global Services. “The Enterprise Print Services is an innovative service offering that enables companies to optimise their entire print operations.  It provides the office and mobile workforce a seamless and flexible on-demand print environment without compromising on budget, environmental regulatory requirements and security protocols.”







      Enterprise Print Services comprehensively manages the print environment

      across the enterprise



      Enterprise Print Services

      Office Print Management

      Centralised Print Management

      Office Printing

      Mobile Worker


      Print Centre


      Corporate printing environment

      Furthermore, with the launch of the Enterprise Print Services, the technology platform of the US based Xerox Corporation and Fuji Xerox, which monitors approximately 1.5 million print devices around the world, becomes more advanced and effective.


        With the following extension of capabilities to its MPS portfolio, Fuji Xerox helps companies reduce costs by capturing their latent print costs enterprise-wide and improve efficiency across the entire print network:

      1.    Enterprise print governance:

      Based on an assessment and analysis of employee work habits, Fuji Xerox provides recommendations to the user community on how to print responsibly and the enabling technology provides intelligent alternatives based on print policies and costs.  For example, if a user tries to print a large-volume document with a low-speed printer, a recommendation to change to a high-speed printer is displayed.

      2.    Support for mobile and remote printing:

      Mobile workers or employees working from remote locations are given the same support system offered in the office.  Employees can now have more choices to print when and where they want, even from smartphones and tablet PCs, without compromising on the security of confidential documents and without the need to install printer drivers. 

      3.    Seamless link between offices and in-house print centre:

      Offices and print centres are seamlessly integrated so that the print centre, can be utilised more efficiently and effectively.  Through the Enterprise Print Services, employees can send complex printing requests with choices such as binding and stapling to their internal print provider directly from their desktops.  A preview of the finished image can also be displayed on the user’s PC.  Costs and processes are better streamlined in the production print environment as this effectively eliminates the extra steps typically taken to prepare and deliver files to the print centre.

      Xerox has already launched the Enterprise Print Services, and now operates the services at a number of companies.  Clients like Procter & Gamble and The Dow Chemical Company are using the Enterprise Print Services to realise cost savings in the office and maximise the return on investment in their global print infrastructure.  Fuji Xerox will utilize Xerox’s technology and know-how to roll out the Enterprise Print Services for companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

      “The Enterprise Print Services is the new way forward for the next generation of MPS offerings,” Okano said.  “As a global leader in integrated document management outsourcing services providing proven, standardised and scalable offerings, we will continue to innovate to bring increased value to our customers.”

      Gartner, Inc has positioned Xerox and Fuji Xerox in the Leaders Quadrant in the "Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services Worldwide" for 2010*1.  They created the optimal print environment and enabled TCO reduction at large enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies.

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