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    Managed Print Services Connect (Jun 5 2010)

    1. Mount Laurel, NJ – June 7, 2010  – The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) announced the winners of the 2010 Managed Print Services (MPS) Leadership Awards. Categories include corporate end users, manufacturers, MPS infrastructure components and logistics, and MPS vendors.

      The second annual competition, hosted by Photizo Group, drew a pool of 53 submissions from twelve different counties. “Throughout the selection process, we were impressed with the high level of out-of-the-box thinking that has occurred in the industry within the last year. Quite a few organizations are creatively changing the rules within MPS and showing true leadership,” stated Jim Fitzpatrick, president of the MPSA.

      2010 MPSA Leadership Award Winners


      Special Recognition for Leadership within their Category:


      ·       Finance & Leasing: GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation

      ·       Marketing & Sales: Managed Print Marketing

      ·       Education & Training: Strategy Development

      Corporate MPS Implementation (End-User):


      ·       1st: Insight Direct by DirectPoint

      ·       2nd: Dow Chemical by Randy Elliott

      ·       3rd: Utah National Guard by DirectPoint

      Manufacturer: Implementation to Channel or Direct


      ·       1st: Hewlett Packard

      ·       2nd: Ricoh & Canon (tie)

      ·       3rd: Printersdirect

      MPS Infrastructure Component Provider of MPS Solutions


      ·       1st: Print Audit

      ·       2nd: POG Consulting

      ·       3rd: MWA Intelligence (Enterprise Suite)

      MPS Infrastructure Logistical Provider of MPS Solutions:


      ·       1st: LMI Solutions

      ·       2nd: Metrofuser

      ·       3rd: MWA Intelligence (nMPS Program)

      MPS Vendor:


      ·       1st: WPS

      ·       2nd: Milner & Canon (tie)

      ·       3rd: Marco


      Customer-centric Judging Criteria


      MPSA board members interviewed all 2010 Leadership Award submissions and judged them using an in-depth, balanced scorecard methodology. Solutions were rated based on core criteria such as strength of vision, support and level of adoption. Judges also considered MPS best practices, operational fit, flexibility and growth, as well as business benefits and ROI. 

      “It was important to the MPSA that we designed the balanced scorecard and the resulting judging to focus on the benefit that the proposed solution would provide to the ultimate customer,” said MPSA Vice President Justin West. “The end users are at the core of everything the MPSA stands for, as we develop standards and best practices for the industry.”

      For more information on the MPSA Leadership awards, submissions and judging criteria, visit:



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