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  1. Articles from Jay Alabaster

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    1. Japan's Sharp is Seeking Investment From Intel, Others

      Explore CIO.com (Nov 14 2012)

      The struggling Japanese LCD and TV maker is actively seeking investors to lighten its cash flow problems

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      Mentions:   Gartner   Japan

    2. Panasonic Puts Your Laundry in the Cloud

      Explore CIO.com (Oct 3 2012)

      At Japan&aposs biggest electronics exhibition, Panasonic shows its line of smart appliances (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Japan   Panasonic

    3. On 100th Birthday, Sharp Seeks Salvation in Talking Vacuums

      Explore CIO.com (Sep 17 2012)

      On 100th Birthday, Sharp Seeks Salvation in Talking Vacuums

      It's probably fair to ask why Japanese electronics maker Sharp -- deep in debt and red ink, cutting workers and salaries, awash in excess inventory in the brutal LCD market -- is actively promoting a line of talking vacuum cleaners.

      But the company, which marked 100 years in business on Saturday, has always been willing to bet its future on unproven ideas.

      Sharp was founded by a self-taught engineer, Tokuji Hayakawa, whose first invention was a clasping belt buckle in 1912. He lost the company once and after rebuilding it came close to losing it again several more times, and his ...

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      Mentions:   Japan

    4. Sharp to Cut 2,000 Jobs in Japan, 6 Percent of Local Workforce

      Explore CIO.com (Aug 28 2012)

      Sharp to Cut 2,000 Jobs in Japan, 6 Percent of Local Workforce

      The company will make the cuts through a voluntary retirement program to be offered in November.

      The company, which has been hurt by falling prices of LCD panels and TVs, said in March it had reached an agreement to sell a 10 percent stake in itself to Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group.

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      Mentions:   Japan   Taiwan

    5. Sharp on Course for Huge Losses, Ramps Up Production of Rumored Apple Screens

      Explore CIO.com (Aug 2 2012)

      The Japan firm is investing heavily in IGZO screen technology, rumored to be favored by Apple, but losses are deepening

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      Mentions:   Japan   China

    6. Panasonic Books US$10 Billion Annual Loss, Largest Ever By Japan Manufacturer

      Explore CIO.com (May 11 2012)

      The Japanese manufacturer was hit by falling sales of its electronics, but also booked a bevy of one-time restructuring fees

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      Mentions:   Japan   Panasonic

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