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    1. We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve New York Hospital Queens, one of New York City's finest medical institutions, with our partner Sodexo, We also appreciate the strategic value to AUXILIO of winning a contract in the heart of New York City, a valuable and prestigious health care marketplace. All hospitals are facing the challenge of containing rising costs while implementing new technologies and services. We have the experience and expertise to meet the precise needs of New York Hospital Queens and support their print infrastructure management initiatives and assist in their electronic records management goals.
      In AUXILIO Awarded $3.5 Million Managed Print Services Contract with New York Hospital Queens
    2. AUXILIO's performance and execution of its MPS program has been a very valuable service that saved CPMC thousands of dollars and greatly increased our internal customer service over the past five years.
      In AUXILIO expands Managed Print Services contract with California Pacific Medical Center; adds three hospitals in Sutter ...
    3. A pioneer in its market, AUXILIO, Inc. is unique in its focus in delivering solutions to the health care market, meaning the company has cultivated best-of-breed vendor relationships to meet the customers' needs. We are pleased to have AUXILIO, Inc. President & CEO Joseph J. Flynn kick off our 2011 Global Conference with a motivating speech about his remarkable rise in the MPS industry.
      Ed Crowley in Auxilio Ceo Joseph J. Flynn to Deliver Keynote at the First-Ever 2011 Global ...

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